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Dustin Peck is a Charlotte-based interior design and architectural photographer
who has worked in the Southeast for more than 25 years. 
While he has embraced digital photography, he still feels that photographs should 
reflect the beauty and drama of natural light and strives to
find that in every image he makes.
With a panistaking drive for detail, Dustin strives 
for perfection in the world created in his camera's view finder.
"I've always been a perfectionist.  If my client would let, me would spend all day
and use every light I own on one room .  
I've always wanted to control the world I see in my
camera and make it completely orderly."
Thank goodness modern trends in interior design and
editorial photography are a bit looser than they used to be! 

Please contact Dustin to discuss your latest project.



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5801 Steeplechase Rd Charlotte NC 282226 980-721-6290
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